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Telegram Premium cheap price


● Activation on your personal account and fast by yourself
● Extendable, legal, completely safe and guaranteed
● After purchase, you will instantly receive the details of the card that you can easily premium your Telegram account by yourself.

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What is a Telegram Premium subscription?
Telegram messenger has recently released its premium (special) and non-free version, where users can use the many features of this popular messenger in addition to the features of its free version by paying a small fee.


What are the features of Telegram Premium?
🔸 Removal of the 2 GB upload limit and the possibility of loading and uploading files up to 4 GB in size.

🔸 Get maximum speed and more in uploading and downloading.

🔸 Removal of annoying Telegram ads (will be added soon).

🔸 Ability to convert voice to text (along with Persian language support).

Added customized emojis in response to messages.

🔸 Adding a premium badge and label to your profile and user page.

🔸 More customization in folders (such as opening a specific folder when opening Telegram).

Changing the folder limit from 10 to 20.

🔸 The possibility of personalizing the Telegram logo.

🔸 Automatic playback of your video profile even in chats.

🔸 Increasing the amount of your selected stickers.

Changing the limit of the number of channels and groups from 500 to 1000.

🔸 Changing the limit of pinned conversations from 5 to 10 numbers.

Add a blue tick to the profile

🔸 More features in Threads

🔸 The possibility of using the story function for Iranian users

🔸 The possibility of using the story feature for channels

🔸 Ability to use Boost function for channels


Differences between regular and premium Telegram
The free version of Telegram has general features for all users, while the premium version has different features that you can access only by purchasing Telegram Premium. In the following, we will get to know some of the features that are included in the user’s status when purchasing a premium Telegram subscription.

There are advertisements in most applications, this may annoy users. Telegram is no exception to this rule and has many advertisements, the premium version of which has caused better feedback from users by removing advertisements.

📌 Download the file
The file download feature in the public version of Telegram is possible up to two gigabytes, but what if you need a larger volume?! For this, by converting Telegram to premium, it provides the user with up to 4 GB.

With the premium version, you will no longer be limited and this is quite intuitive. In the free version of Telegram, there is a limit of membership in channels and groups up to 500 groups, but in the premium type, you can join up to 1000 groups, while managing groups in the normal version is up to 5,000 people, and with paid Telegram, this number can increase to 10,000 people. and this issue will be very significant and practical for people who have a group admin or a special business.

There are other restrictions on managing chats, folders, etc., which will no longer be a problem in the premium version.

📌 Download speed
Downloading is one of the most important issues that are being challenged today. If you have a normal Telegram, some of the Internet speed will be taken during the download, but if there is a premium, these problems will no longer occur.

📌 Ability to convert voice message to text
A very useful and important function of Telegram Premium is to type your text when you cannot listen to the audio content so that you can understand the content better. This possibility is very useful when you are in a meeting or talking on the phone. will be. Of course, this feature is active for English and currently not for Farsi, but this feature may be added to it in the future.

📌 All kinds of attractive stickers
The attractive part of the Telegram application is related to GIFs, emoticons and stickers. In Telegram Premium, these stickers are very diverse and there are new types of them that cannot be used by regular Telegram users. These stickers may be larger and more attractive to the user.

Different icon
A series of attractive icons have been designed for the premium version of Telegram to make the user feel different. Normal Telegram with a blue icon is known to everyone, but in the premium version, in order for the user to feel the difference, four icons are placed, and the user chooses one of them according to his taste.

📌 profile profile
In Telegram Premium, the profile picture is different, while in the normal version, the picture will be quite simple, but in the premium version of Telegram, you can choose the profile picture as a video, and all your audience will be able to watch it. This feature can make your profile look different.

📌 Management of conversations
There is a very useful feature in Telegram Premium, and that is the management of all conversations, channels and groups. This feature allows the user to have conversations that may clutter the Telegram environment; Archive or mute. You can folder all the conversations and refer to the desired folder to access each one.

Activation and deactivation of Premium Telegram
After buying premium telegram, we must say that it is time to activate it. Activation of this application requires paying a subscription fee. Unfortunately, Telegram Premium cannot be activated in Iran and on the number of this country, but in the following we will mention the methods to activate it.

✅ Buying premium telegram through virtuality
One of the best recommended methods is to refer to companies that do this. Virtuality is one of the reliable companies in the field of buying such subscriptions, which the user can easily buy without any worries. And will not have any more payment problems.

✅ Buy Premium Telegram with Google Voice
In the above method, you must activate the Google Voice number and then install and activate Premium Telegram through Google Voice. But the main problem here is that again in Iran this work faces problems and you may not succeed. If you need to buy a Google Voice number, you can do so through virtuality support.

✅ Buy Premium Telegram with Telegram bot
Using the Telegram bot can also be another way to activate the premium Telegram account. In this way, you first activate this robot and do this with the @premiumbot command, and after that enter the robot environment and hit start, in the same way you enter the payment and purchase section of the premium Telegram account. You must use gift cards or international cards to pay.

Another point about the Telegram bot is that the bot is activated on the desktop version of Telegram, and after taking the necessary steps and activating the premium version, you can work with a mobile phone.

Disabling Premium Telegram
This application has unique features, but if you have doubts about buying a premium Telegram account, you can activate a one-month subscription and deactivate it for the next months if you don’t want to.


How to do use ?

step 1:Go to telegram Premium in setting telegram(only use Original telegram and download of website and DO NOT USE telegram installed with google paly because price is high

Step2: Select Annual or Monthly Plan and send subscribe button

Step 3: fill field master card number and cvv and expired date and go to payment ( after purchase you will deliver instant)

step 4: go to under website and get OTP or SMS for complete transaction(your code will be show in up website and under 1 minute)

Finish and enjoy of your Telegram Premium

Method Premium for Premium Forbiden Country:

For countries sanctioned by Telegram for premium, such as Iran, Russia, India, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine, first the customer must change his Telegram number to a foreign virtual number, then premium the virtual number, and finally change from the virtual number to his personal Telegram number.

Step1: First, download and install the independent version of the Telegram store from the Telegram website and log in to your account.

 Go to settings and click on your current number, tap Change Number and then Change.

Step2: Enter the virtual number. Wait for the confirmation code and after receiving it, enter the code. Now your number has changed and you can upgrade your account.

you can purchase number of under website:

Step3:Enter the settings again, go to the bottom and select the Telegram Premium option and then tap on Subscribe for $3.99 per month.

Step4:Now you will enter the subscription purchase bot, if you do not see this option, search for @ PremiumBot ID in the chats section and enter the bot.

Select the Start option and then select Pay $3.99. Agree to the terms and conditions of the special service by ticking the bottom of the page and tap PAY $3.99.

Step5: On the next page, you will be asked to enter the credit card details. After entering, select the tick option at the top of the page to add a payment method. On the next page, tap PAY again and then Continue.

At this stage, you enter the credit card that you purchased from my game card store on this product page, which contains a 16-digit number, an expiration date, and a 3-digit CVV number, and you will be immediately transferred to the portal.

At the gate, you will be asked for a 6-digit number, which can be viewed from the following website

If successful, you will see the following message.


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